Upcoming Projects

In development

01. Exponential Education

Are you working on something that will change the world?

Do you have the willingness to learn big and think big?

Being a teacher today is vastly different than being a teacher 20+ years ago. Today, we have more access to learning, resources, and materials in comparison to world leaders just two decades ago. Having an exponential mindset will prepare you and your students to innovate like you want to innovate. It is may be simple, but it’s not easy.

Exponential Education will prepare you to inspire your students to dream the impossible and then give them the tools to make it a reality.

02. The Exponential Project

A new model of professional development to inspire change at scale.  The goal is to guarantee that every single classroom is a place that facilitates exponential growth and achievement for all students.  The Exponential Project will give you actionable steps to create innovative learning experiences for your students.

03. EnCORE 2.0

EnCORE originated from my love of reading articles about the most innovative things happening in public education. EnCORE 2.0 is designed to expand that goal nationwide throughout multiple school districts.

I want to showcase and scale the world’s most innovative, student-centered schools that produces exponential growth and achievement for all students.

04. Moonshot PBL

Innovation in education is audacious, risky, creative and takes a long term systemic view.  Moonshot thinking is a mindset for creating an exciting and abundant future.  The best part of having moonshot ideas is not the fulfillment of the idea, but the process of working toward something impossible and overcoming challenges. 

Moonshot PBL works to create processes and culture that will repeatedly generate classroom innovations that have a real impact on students. 

Moonshot PBL inspires students to fulfill their own moonshot ideas, innovating against the tide of conformity and complacency.  Helping students push the status quo.